442.850 Tower Hill

The 442.850 (+) Color Code 1 Dmr Repeater is located North of Mansfield, PA near Jackson Summit PA.

The repeater is a Motorola XPR 8300 running at 22 watts and is on the BrandMeister Network.  The ONLY talkgroups allowed on Time Slot 2 is Local 2 (talkgroup 2) and Local 9 (talkgroup 9).  Talkgroup 2 is a cluster that links all our repeaters together.  It is also bridged to BrandMeister talkgroup 3190 that shares Allstart node 2340 and Echolink station N3FE-R.   All other traffic should be on TS1.

The only static talkgroup on timeslot 1 is Pennsylvania Statewide (talkgroup 3142).