N3FE Repeaters

Oct 18 2016

Repeater Update

After many request from the user base I will be moving the 442.850 back over to BrandMeister.  We have had repeater on both networks and have a lot more options on the Brandmeister network.  I was really hoping that both could exist but the majority of people would like the 442.850 to go back to Brandmeister. When I get a chance I will run up and move it back over as well as redo all the code plugs.  This will also give the TG2/TS2 back to the same on all the machines.  

Sep 14 2016

New Talkgroup List

These are the Talkgroups for 442.850 (ColorCode 1) in Millerton, PA.  If something is NOT listed it will NOT work.  If you need something that isn’t listed, please contact me. LOCAL2   TG 2 / TS 2  (Linked to Harrisburg area local repeaters)  Static World Wide  TG 1 / TS 1  PTT North America  TG 3 / TS 1  Static BYRG (Back Yard Repeater Groups TG 31201 / TS 1  Static New York   TG 3136 / TS 2  Static LOCAL8  TG 8 / TS 2  Static (Harrisburg Repeaters and Eastern PA repeaters) REGIONAL (North East)  TS 3172 / TS 2  …

Aug 13 2016

RSSI levels now available on MMDVM

The code has been added to the 444.600 DMR repeater running MMDVMHost so that RSSI levels will now display on the BrandMeister dashboard.  The reading is not exact if you have a great signal, but if you have a weaker signal it does display pretty close to what you signal is.

Aug 10 2016

146.910 Allstar repeater

Sunday afternoon the 146.910 repeater on Bloss Mtn went down.  This was due to a failed software upgrade that I really didn’t need to run, but decided to anyway.  I replaced the machine on Monday but I forgot I needed a parallel port on the computer.  Instead of just swapping the Hard drives I built up another machine and deployed it on Tuesday.  The repeater is backup and running as normal.

Jul 6 2016

World Wide 91 Blacklisted

I have blacklisted Talk Group 91 from the 444.600 homebrew repeater.  Using it for the net was fine, but so many people just sit and rag chew on it after the net that it doesn’t give any time for transmitters to drop.  I am not sure what the timing is before the talk group returns to PTT mode, but the best thing I can do is block it to prevent equipment failure.  If I am around for the net, I will remove it from the blacklist, but will re-add it immediately after the net is over.

Jun 29 2016

Brandmeister Talkgroups

Northern Tier PA Defaults Talkgroup ID Timeslot Detail / Use Local Bridge 2 2 Local Repeater Bridge of all area repeaters Local 9 2 Local Repeater only Worldwide 91 1 Worldwide (Short QSO’s) Dynamic N America 93 1 North America (Short QSO’s) Static Simplex 99 1 Simplex Frequencies TAC 310 310 2 Connected to DMR-MARC TAC 310 PTT Activated TS2 Dynamic USA 3100 1 United States PTT Activated Dynamic Pennsylvania 3142 2 Pennsylvania Statewide TS2 Static New York 3136 2 New York TS2 Static TAC 311 311 2 Connected to DMR-MARC TAC 311 PTT Activated TS2 Dynamic SNARS 31268 1 …

Jun 15 2016

TAC Talkgroups added

The TAC 310, 311 and 312 Talk Groups have been cross-connected to the C-Bridge infrastructure from BrandMeister. This means stations using repeaters on BrandMeister and C-Bridges can talk to each other using these TAC Talk Groups. These UA/PTT (Dynamic) Talk Group ID’s are: TAC 310 ID 310 TAC 311 ID 311 TAC 312 ID 312

Apr 14 2016

Tower Hill DMR

UPDATE: TS2 / TG2 should now be used for local communications.  This talk group is bridged between both the N3FE digital repeaters as well as N2UNO. Tower Hill is now running a DMR repeater!  442.850 Color Code 1.  To access the local users please use Time Slot 2 / Talk Group 9.  I do ask that reflectors NOT be done using a manual dial.  Please find the correct talk group and access it that way.  For all the available talk groups please look at one of my other postings.  We have had 5 different people using the repeater from both …

Apr 1 2016

Brandmeister DMR Talk Groups

One of the big things I hear on Brandmeister is …  What are the talk groups?  Well here they are.  One thing you have to remember is reflectors and talkgroups are two different things.  Reflectors range from 4000-4999 and are a link to a talk group.  If you are on a dmr repeater and on time slot 2 talk group 9 you can access a reflector as a private call to that reflector.  Do a private call to that number, key up for a few seconds and then unkey.  You will get a british female voice come back to you …

Mar 21 2016

Cedar Work Session

We had a great work session on Saturday March 19th, 2016 at Cedar Mtn.  The Grand Canyon Repeater group installed their new Kenwood 750 repeater on 145.270.  The UHF duplexers were retuned which made a HUGE difference and some antenna work was done.  They plan on revisiting the site next weekend if there are any takers!  We also plan on putting up a 444.850 PL 71.9 repeater at the site at well! Click Here to see some Cedar Mtn Pictures!!!